Difficult Conversation Strategy

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Time to Rip The Bandaid Off

High performance teams are incredibly exciting and rewarding to be a part of. There are high levels of trust, people feel comfortable to share their ideas and they will own up when something goes wrong; as a result they take risks and are innovative.

So we need to have those difficult conversations so that we can develop high levels of trust, so people know where they stand and so that we can perform at our best as a whole team.

Despite this many people are scared to start a "difficult" conversation because they are fearful of the response they might get.

But at what cost (personal and financial) to the person who may continue to suffer in silence or to the organisation who may have poor productivity due to distractions, gossip or mistakes that continue to be made because they haven't been addressed.

Kate will coach you and your team on how to start those "difficult" conversations in a sensitive and empathetic manner.  It's all about looking after the person; not looking to blame. It's about why there might be a problem; not just what the problem is.


About the Trainer

Hi, I'm Kate Russell

Leadership and Team Coach, Author “Leaders Who Lead", Facilitator

Kate is an accredited mediator and trainer and a trained conflict coach. She has over 30 years' experience dealing with people in high levels of conflict - dealing with complex cases on the edges of family law and in workplaces.

Kate is passionate about building up teams, ensuring everyone gets a voice and that teams find time to strengthen their interpersonal relationships. She enjoys using her creative problem-solving skills to determine the best way to help organisations and teams to be more productive, effective and reduce staff turnover.

Kate has a great sense of fun, is sensitive to the needs of the group, likes to think outside the square and most importantly, is a great listener.

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"Kate’s warmth and authenticity immediately dissolves any barriers in the room, and she earns the trust of everyone involved.  She has such a clear understanding of what makes people tick, and her real-life stories stimulate engagement and reflection within the group.  I truly believe our team is much better connected and certainly inspired from the time they spent with Kate."

Felice Shrimplin

Operations Manager Comace

"An on-line or in person one hour workshop for you and your team that can be held in a staff meeting or over lunch"


Difficult Conversation Strategy workshop


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