I have an addictive personality

anxiety stress Jul 28, 2020

For a long time, I managed my anxiety with a mix of too much alcohol (particularly red wine) and poor food choices.  

I drank so much red wine my skin went red and I would use green make-up to try and reduce the redness of my skin.  I was really embarrassed about the colour of my skin colour; but not so much that I would stop drinking.

I often ate bad food to counter the yucky feeling of being hungover.  So it would be of no surprise that by age 50 I weighed more than 100 kg (162 cm in height) and I could barely move because I rarely exercised. I also criticised anyone who didn’t drink alcohol and people wearing lycra! I was on fire. 

Good news: I nearly died - and eventually I got the memo!

So the benefit of having an addictive personality is that I retrained it.  I have now become obsessed with exercise and healthy food. Winning!

Then came the summer of 2020.  Huge bushfires that raged for weeks and then COVID-19.  My anxiety kicked in...

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