When will we learn?

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2018

Poor Doug had to be groomed the other day. Doug is one of my dogs. He’s a Maltese Shitzu and his “sister from another mister” is Margaret, she’s a Maltese Shitzu x Poodle.

They both have to be groomed on a regular basis.

They hate it.

Doug in particular has a little breakdown every time he has to be groomed.  Neil, who comes to our house to commit this atrocity on the dogs, is used to Doug having to empty his bowels on the bench before the procedure begins.

After this traumatic procedure, Doug then comes inside and shows me how clever he is that he survived once again and then he proceeds to run around the house like a mad thing,

It takes Doug at least a couple of days to recover from being groomed. He will sit on his bed for hours. He won’t eat or if he does he runs over to his bowl, grabs some food and then takes it back to his bed. He is agitated and neurotic for a few days and then suddenly he forgets all about the traumatic experience and goes back to being Doug.

This happens every few weeks. Yet somehow he doesn’t seem to learn from the experience. He doesn’t recognise that he will be okay and that it is just a part of life.

Margaret on the other hand, doesn’t like being groomed; but after a Schmacko it’s back to business as usual.

Change is really hard for some people. Some people are early adapters and try everything new. They line up overnight to buy a new phone or they are on top of all the new time management or communication apps.

And then there are the Dougs of the world. Just the suggestion of change upsets them (and their tummies.) They rally against it; find fault with the new gadget, app or procedure.

Doug has to be groomed. It is not an option. So every few weeks we have help him through the trauma.

You will have colleagues that need your support to manage change. They usually need a lot of information and reassurance. Change is inevitable; so is pushback. Go with those people, help them through the process. Be kind and caring and the whole process will be less scary for them.


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