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Uncategorized Jun 26, 2018

I am sitting in our car waiting to disembark from the Spirit of Tasmania.  We are on our way to Launceston to watch our boys (Port Adelaide) play Hawthorn - an important game for both teams.

What a great voyage. My first and only “cruise” so far. Best sleep I’ve had in ages.

What they did so well was manage the experience and all those on board.

No question was too stupid. All staff knew exactly what was going on. At one stage I asked someone doing some cleaning where I needed to go to get our electronic key card fixed.  She gave us directions and when we passed her later she remembered me and asked if the problem had been fixed.

You felt reassured knowing that the staff were all over this.

And over the loudspeaker we were told the rules of what was expected when we disembarked a number of times. They needed us to be compliant. They needed people to move their cars punctually.  If people didn’t follow the rules when we disembarked there would be chaos.

Make life easy for yourself. Have clear boundaries and expectations and make sure everyone in your team knows therm. Talk about the rules and boundaries on a regular basis. Unclear is unsafe, unclear is unfair.  Don’t assume that people know the rules. People love rules; particularly if they make sense.

Be like the Spirit of Tasmania and you will ensure your team has a great journey.


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