No need for judgement

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2020

On a recent red-eye flight to Sydney, the woman next to me put her backpack on her tray table, pulled her hoodie over her head and appeared to be sleeping.

The tea and coffee trolley came and went. She appeared to sleep through it all.

Fair enough – it was really early.

It was a bit of a bumpy flight; the seat belt sign came on about half an hour into the flight and they said over the loudspeaker that there would be no more hot drinks on this flight.

Eventually the woman next to me surfaced. It was just as the flight attendant was going past picking up the rubbish. My neighbour asked if she could have a drink.  A tea… no make that a coffee.

My first thought was “are you kidding me… you’ve slept through the foodservice and you are now wanting the flight attendant to drop everything and get you a hot drink.”  Then my self-righteous good girl persona kicked in and I thought “And you’ve asked for a hot drink and they are not serving hot drinks!”

I was so in a judgemental mood!

The flight attendant “smiled” at my neighbour and said “of course” and disappeared.  Nothing happened for some time.

So about 10 minutes later my neighbour rings the bell and this time two flight attendants turn up.

The senior attendant was brilliant. She didn’t make a judgment at all (unlike me).  She smiled and was calm and said, “are you ok?” And my neighbour said, “no, I have a really bad earache and a migraine, and I think a warm drink might help”.

The flight attendant said that they weren’t serving hot drinks due to the turbulence, but she would get her one if she promised to be really careful.

I felt terrible.  I had been so judgmental of this person. I hope the coffee helped her feel better.

I was sorry I was such a judgmental cow. And I was truly impressed with the level of service of the flight attendant!


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