Leading with excitement

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2020

I saw a great Mel Robbins video the other day about how she doesn’t get nervous before she speaks on stage.

She said that the body’s response to nervousness is almost identical to its response to excitement; except that you can think when you are excited.

This was a real Aha Moment for me.  I do a lot of public speaking, but I often feel nervous or anxious just before I speak.

So, I tried it the other day when I gave a keynote address. I just kept telling myself that I was excited, and it worked. I felt way more confident on stage and I could think much clearer.

The reality was that I was excited. It is very exciting to be asked to speak in front of a group of people; to be invited to share my ideas and thoughts. But I can and have at times unintentionally sabotaged such experiences by getting so nervous that my brain stopped working and I would clamber for basic words or concepts.

As leaders, we can sometimes unintentionally sabotage ourselves by getting bogged down in our fear of failure.  We spend too much time worrying about what could go wrong; looking for errors and anticipating the worse.

How much more likely are we to succeed if we lead with excitement? If we could think clearly and celebrate the extraordinary talents and skills that we possess and that our teams possess?

It is really exciting to lead a team. It is so incredibly exciting to think about all the great things we could achieve when we are engaged and connected and on the same page.

Lead with excitement.  It’s thrilling.


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