Don't make someone else break the rules

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2020

The other day I was driving along a road near my house and the car in front of me stopped with their indicator on to turn right into a side street.  

There was a car waiting at that intersection which wanted to turn right into the street I was on and the person in the car in front of me waived this person to turn right before they made their turn.  That is, the driver in front of me deliberately told the person in the other car to break to the rules and not give way. GAH!

They did this because they wanted to do a U-turn at the intersection and this other car was making that maneuver a bit difficult. 

BUT if one of them changed their mind, then there would have been an accident and the person who was asked to break the law would have been in the wrong. 

I think it is incredibly unfair to expect someone to break the rules for your personal benefit.  

I sometimes see this happen in workplaces; e.g. someone wants to change the roster against the wishes of management and they manipulate someone who often has a ‘pleasing’ personality to swap shifts.  Or when management is not around, encouraging everyone to leave the office early or asking someone to cover for them so that they can leave early. 

Effective teams need to have each other’s backs. Expectations of everyone in the team needs to be clear and the whole team needs to own their behaviour; they need to be aware that what applies for one person, will usually apply to everyone.  A team that cares about the greater good; not just their own personal wellbeing. 

Effective teams care about each other. 


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