Do what I say, not as I do

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2018

I regularly promote self care as a way of looking after your mental health. I encourage the people I work with to put the tools down, to sing their favourite song loudly, walk around the block or to go on a holiday.

I know that by taking time out we are much better able to manage the stresses of life.

I tell the story of how I ended up in hospital with morbidly high blood pressure and how I now have non-negotiables in my life, like getting up really early and going for a run every day

And then all of a sudden my life got ridiculously busy and I started fitting in work instead of going for a run. There weren’t enough hours in a the day and all of a sudden my non-negotiables became negotiable again.

Then something happened that made me stop and reassess my life - once again.

The fly on my favourite pair of jeans broke.

I hadn’t put on much weight (about 4 kg) but I wasn’t as fit as I was a year ago and suddenly all my muscle turned to jelly and BANG! Jeans don’t fit.

So I’m back to my non-negotiables. I am up and running at stupid o’clock every morning again. I forgot how much I enjoy being by myself at that time of day.  I am running (shuffling) again and I’m starting to feel like my old (good) self again.

I’ve got to walk the walk if I’m going to talk the talk.


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