What's for tea?

leadership Oct 13, 2020

I am not a foodie.  That’s not to say I don’t like to eat - I love sitting down to have a meal. It’s just that I don’t care very much about cooking or slaving for hours to make a beautiful meal. I don’t really understand why people do that; probably like people don’t really understand why I would be fascinated with conflict and want to understand people’s behaviour when they are stressed.

I usually eat the same food for breakfast and lunch every day and wouldn’t mind that much if I also ate the same food for dinner at night. Food is just not a priority to me. 

But all of a sudden now that we are homebound, one of the first questions I ask my husband every day is “what will we have for dinner?”   

Dinner is suddenly the meal that makes today a different day to yesterday. 

This does not mean that I have suddenly started cooking lavish meals - it’s more that it’s an interesting topic...

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Kindness builds resilience

stress Oct 12, 2020

We all live with stress. In fact, a bit of stress is good for us.  When we really care about something the adrenaline kicks in and we feel our stress levels rise.  All good.  It’s okay to be stressed. 

But when we are managing higher levels of stress, sometimes we can feel overwhelmed.  

There are a number of ways to reduce stress and to increase our levels of self-care.  One way of helping reduce stress and getting out of our head is to be kind. 

It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you are being kind; when you care about someone else. 

One of the exercises I do with teams is to come up with as many ways as possible that we could show kindness without spending any money.  

Some of the ideas were: 

  • A smile
  • A phone call just for a chat
  • Being present in the moment
  • Invite a person to have dinner with you (you can do this virtually)
  • Let someone go in front of you in the line 
  • Write a letter of...
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I say tomato!

leadership Oct 12, 2020

I say tomato (tom-ah-to) and you say tomato (tom-ay-to)!  Same word, pronounced differently.

As a mediator, I get people to tell me their story. What has happened to lead to the break down in the relationship? So people often tell me the same story in great detail but it often sounds like two incredibly different stories that don’t bear any resemblance to each other because of each person’s perspective.  

If two people like each other, they often see the same situation quite similarly and they often use the same language; but when we fall 'out of' love with a work colleague or a partner, we can then view the same situation quite differently. 

We go looking for all the things that prove that person is bad; improper, rude, intolerant etc… Our confirmation bias sets in and correlates all our beliefs as to why we don’t like that person. 

It’s hard to turn off our confirmation bias; particularly when it is so impressive and so loud...

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Your team really cares

leadership Oct 12, 2020

I work with a lot of teams. 

I often have the privilege of catching up with individual team members prior to a workshop; particularly if we are working through a specific issue.

What I have learnt and had reinforced over and over again is that people care about their workplaces - they care a lot. 

We invest a lot in our workplaces. Our time, our skills or sense of self.  We want the organisation that we work for to succeed; not only financially but on all levels.  We want to be proud of the work that we do. 

Which is why it is so powerful to get your team together in a workshop setting and provide them with an opportunity to talk to each other. To talk about things that matter - like what 'respect' looks like to the team, about their personal values and needs and to discuss what is working well and what are the challenges the team are working through. 

The feedback I regularly get from my workshops is that people are incredibly grateful when the...

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Episode 26: Simon Malcolm

podcast Oct 05, 2020

Simon tells a story through video. Simon talks about the challenges of tapping into the client's story.

Special Guest: Simon Malcolm, Simon Malcolm Productions

Listen here: 

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Episode 25: Matt Williamson

podcast Oct 05, 2020

On this episode, Kate talks with Matt Williamson, the Director of Digital Marketing Adelaide and finds out how he manages his clients stress when it comes to managing digital marketing. They also discuss how quickly trends are changing in advertising and marketing.

Special Guest: Matt Williamson, Digital Marketing Adelaide

Listen Here:  

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Episode 24: Evelyn Pollard

podcast Oct 05, 2020

Kate chats with Evelyn Pollard and finds out about how conflict impacts her work in Human Resources.

Special Guest: Evelyn Pollard, Evelyn Pollard Consulting

Listen Here: 

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Episode 23: Christopher Stone

podcast Oct 05, 2020

Christopher Stone is the Team leader of the Access Services Division of the Legal Services Commission of South Australia. Kate speaks with Christopher about how his team manages conflict and self-care.

Special Guest: Christopher Stone, Legal Servies Commission


Listen Here: 



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Episode 22: Santa Claus - Dealing with high levels of stress

podcast Oct 05, 2020

Santa's work has the potential to trigger quite of lot conflict. He is under a lot of pressure to keep a lot of people very happy; whilst managing elves and reindeer. Santa discusses how he manages his stress at this busy time of year.


Special Guest: Santa Claus 

Listen Here: 


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Episode 21: Lisa Hutton - Leadership

podcast Oct 05, 2020

Lisa is a project manager of a large national company, a former stockbroker and has recently been appointed chair of the South Australian Variety Ball. She talks about leadership, vision, communication and trust in her day to day work.

Special Guest: Lisa Hutton, Project manager.  

Listen Here:


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