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Kate Russell



With over 30 years’ experience as a mediator and facilitator, Kate has seen it all; having worked with people from all walks of life. In this podcast Kate interviews people from various industries to find out how conflict presents itself in their workplaces; how do they deal with that conflict and the associated stress. This is a down to earth exploration of conflict in our lives and identifies some of the ways in which we can deal with it.

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The most important question is why?

Nov 26, 2020

What's for tea?

Oct 13, 2020

Kindness builds resilience

Oct 12, 2020




For Leaders Who Love Their Team

Drawing from her extensive experience as a mediator and conflict expert, Kate has developed a model which identifies how to create a harmonious and thriving workplace.

In Leaders Who Lead, you will discover that to get the most out of our teams we need to focus on our team’s strengths and all the good work that they do. People need to be appreciated, trusted and respected and it's the leader's responsibility to set this standard.

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Felice Shrimplin

Operations Manager, Comace

"Kate’s warmth and authenticity immediately dissolves any barriers in the room, and she earns the trust of everyone involved.

She has such a clear understanding of what makes people tick, and her real-life stories stimulate engagement and reflection within the group. I truly believe our team is much better connected and certainly inspired from the time they spent with Kate." 

Online workshop

How To
Start A Difficult

An online one hour workshop for you and your team that can be held in a staff meeting or over lunch.


Hi, I'm Kate Russell

Leadership and Team Coach, Author
of '
Leaders Who Lead', Facilitator


Accredited mediator (Resolution Institute) and trained conflict management coach (CINERGY ™) with over thirty years’ experience working with people dealing with high levels of conflict.

Since becoming an accredited mediator in 2006 and having conducted numerous workplace mediations and resolved thousands of disputes in the area of child support, Kate has assisted a variety of organisations (including family businesses) to improve workplace culture and manage conflict more effectively...

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167 Flinders St
Adelaide SA 5000

08 7123 2656

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